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My child has been called anti-social so many times. But, I know that label isn’t accurate or fair. He’s not anti-social. He just doesn’t know how to be social. It’s as if the social world is a foreign country that he’s visiting, but he doesn’t speak the language or understand the customs.

                                                                                                        -  Mom of a 10-year-old

Most of us have experienced what it’s like to have difficult social encounters or to be in challenging social settings. It can be frustrating, scary and exhausting. Fortunately, these experiences are usually occasional and short-lived.

This isn’t the case for children with social thinking challenges. Every day they’re immersed in a social world that they don’t have the natural ability to comprehend and successfully engage. Their difficulties can leave them, and their families, feeling lost and hopeless.

But, there is hope.

The unique Steps to Socialization program helps children be part of the social world and master the skills they need to function in it more fully.

At s2s, our comprehensive curriculum integrates the latest developments in the field of social thinking. We provide a safe and welcoming environment where children engage in social learning through targeted activities and role-playing.

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Our Group Structure

To optimize learning opportunities, we group your child with two or three peers who have similar cognitive, social, language and auditory processing abilities. Groups meet once a week for 60-minutes.

Since the success of the group and its work depends on the commitment of all its members, regular session attendance is extremely important.

While we understand that emergencies occur, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Regular session fees are charged for any missed class without 24-hour notice. Two (2) absences, with advance notice, are permitted per semester. The regular session fee is charged for other absences.

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The Social Learning Curriculum

We developed the Steps to Socialization curriculum to help your child gain communication and other skills needed to navigate a full range of social situations and become more socially competent.

Each carefully planned group lesson fosters a deep understanding of how the social world works. The lessons are complemented by fun and interesting activities that give your child a chance to learn, practice and integrate new skills.

Lesson topics are tailored to the individual or group and may include:

  • Being part of a group and recognizing expectations
  • BIG PROBLEM – little problem
  • Expected and unexpected behavior
  • Using our brains to think about others
  • Thinking with our eyes
  • Just me vs. thinking of you
  • Being a social detective
  • Smart guesses vs. wacky guesses
  • Reading people’s emotions
  • How our behavior impacts others and their reactions to us
  • How we make and keep friends
  • Comparing body language and social language
  • Comparing literal and figurative language

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Parent/Caregiver Participation

Parents and caregivers are a vital part of the s2s social learning community. We work as a cohesive team to reinforce the program in your home and at school.

To facilitate this teamwork, during the last 10 minutes of each group session, we provide you with tools and techniques you can use to encourage and support your child’s new social skills.

Because we see ourselves as an integral part of your family support system, we designed our physical space to make it easy for you to relax and connect with other parents and caregivers while we’re in session with your child. So, please make yourself at home.

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The Current Program Schedule

The Steps to Socialization program runs in three sessions from September through December, January through mid-June and July through August. All groups meet once a week for 60 minutes at either 3:30, 4:45 or 6:00 during the week, and, 9:00, 10:15 or 11:30 on Saturday morning.

Our program closes for most public school holidays. From time to time, we also close for scheduling and curriculum planning.

click here to see the current program schedule (PDF).

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The Application Process

Steps to Socialization is a social learning program for children with social thinking challenges.

Prior to placing a student in one of our groups, a social assessment is performed. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to place them in an appropriate group. This assessment takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours. We work with the prospective student first and then meet with the parents to discuss the results and make recommendations. If an appropriate group is available the student is placed in the program immediately. Otherwise, they are placed on the wait list. We will inform you as a soon as a group becomes available.

There is an administrative fee for the assessment. As this assessment is for placement purposes only no written report will be provided. If a written report is requested a fee will be charged.

Please fill out our application and return it to us by mail or fax. When we receive the application we will contact you to set up an appointment for the assessment.

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Please contact us regarding fees.

Payment is due at the time of service each week, or you may pre-pay for multiple sessions at the beginning of each month.

While we don’t accept insurance, we will provide you with monthly receipts that you can submit to your insurance company.

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Social Skills Groups for Adults and Older Children

As a family-based social learning community, we also work with adults and older children one-on-one and in groups, depending on the individual’s needs and goals. Among the issues we address in these sessions are:

  • Hidden rules in the workplace
  • Self-advocacy
  • Social networking
  • Acquaintance vs. friend

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Consultations and Inservice Presentations

Our staff is available for individual consultations with families and schools. We also make presentations to parent organizations and school personnel. The following is a partial listing of our presentations:

  • Yeled V’Yalda
  • SEPTA of Port Washington
  • SEPTA of Hewlett-Woodmere
  • Marion K. Salomon & Associates
  • SEPTA of Plainview

Please contact us for more information

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Contact us to for more information on the Steps to Socialization social learning program, our application process and tuition fees.

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“s2s takes a systematic, step-by-step approach in a functional and fun way that keeps my son engaged and learning.”

- Parent of a 13 year old

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