Social Thinking in a Social World

Do you know this child?

  • She always sits alone on the bus
  • He interrupts other people’s conversations
  • She isn’t invited on play dates
  • He melts down when there’s unexpected change

The social world can be a challenging place. 

At Steps to Socialization (s2s), we understand that not all children process social information the same way. Some have to be taught how to think socially, step by step.

From the welcome mat on our front porch to our team philosophy, we offer a safe and nurturing environment where experts in the field of social thinking help your child explore and discover how the social world works. 

Your child will benefit from our proven approach to social learning.

Our unique program for children in elementary through high school with age-appropriate language skills features targeted group activities that make the hidden rules of daily social interaction simple and clear for those who find it hard to:

  • Establish and maintain friendships
  • Share space effectively
  • Interpret social cues
  • Work in groups
  • Pay attention and stay focused
  • Organize school tasks

These difficulties are often associated with: 

  • Non-verbal learning disability
  • High functioning autism
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Other social challenges

Find out more about our innovative social learning program.

s2s can open the door to your child’s social world. This site introduces you to our work. You can read answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs), explore our resources room, refer to our current program schedule (PDF) and download an application form (PDF).

As a family-based social learning community, we also work with adults and older children with social thinking challenges. Please contact us for more information about these individual and group sessions.


“s2s takes a systematic, step-by-step approach in a functional and fun way that keeps my son engaged and learning.”

- Parent of a 13 year old

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